Baby Sleeping


Oddly, most people don't think to regularly vacuum or clean their mattress, even though it's the piece of furniture that people spend most of their time on! Without professional mattress cleaning, this can unknowingly lead to a heavy build up of dust, skin dandruff, body oil, bacteria, and become a breeding ground for dust mites.  Regular contact and exposure to this can negatively impact allergies and an individuals overall health. Thankfully, our team has just the tools for the job.

Our professional mattress cleaning service begins by providing a commercial strength hepa-filter vacuuming to remove and filter out the built up allergens, soil, and dust mites. Then using our safe and effective detergent followed by our truck mounted steam cleaner to better remove any soils. Finally to ensure the cleanest mattress possible, we apply a safe hospital grade disinfectant to the mattress to ensure you can rest easy knowing you mattress is left fresh, clean, and healthy.