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What to Consider Before Getting Your Carpet Cleaned

When selecting a carpet cleaning service, we never want to feel taken advantage of, but we certainly don’t want the cheapest service, because we so often get what we pay for. With some companies charging per room, and some charging by square foot, this can make it difficult and stressful to decide on a service. Here we have some tips, info, and important questions to ask to ensure you receive the best service possible and the most true value for your money.

What kinds of carpet cleaning methods does this company use?

There are several different carpet cleaning methods which can affect the price and each cleaning method can provide different benefits. The cleaning method of choice may differ depending on the type of fiber, soiling, and your particular project.

-Carpet shampooing & DIY Carpet Cleaning Machines: Carpet shampooing was once a very popular method of carpet cleaning and is still used by some companies as well as in household carpet cleaning machines. Carpet shampooing is a dated method of carpet cleaning that struggles to keep up with the effectiveness of modern methods. More modern methods can more effectively remove soil from carpets. Also, carpet shampooing and house hold carpet cleaning machines can leave behind excessive moisture and soapy residue that can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and create more problems down the road.

-Low-moisture Encapsulation: This method is growing in popularity and is great for the removal of general dirt and soils, while providing fast dry times and a fresh clean look to your carpet. This carpet cleaning method uses a fast-drying polymer that when mechanically agitated or groomed into the carpet, it shears the dirt off of the carpet fibers and encapsulates it. With this carpet cleaning method, it even more important that your carpet cleaning company begins by using a commercial HEPA-filter vacuum to remove all the dry soil, allergens, and dust mites before applying the encapsulating detergent, and just as with any carpet cleaning service, they should groom your carpet afterwards to restore the “new” look and accelerate drying time.

-Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning):

Hot water extraction, which is commonly mistaken for steam cleaning, is the most frequently used method by professional carpet cleaning companies. This method is very effective for treating, flushing out, and extracting significant staining. With the proper detergent, hot pressurized water, and strong suction with a carpet cleaning wand help to provide a deep and thorough cleaning. The company should first HEPA-filter vacuum to remove the dry soil, then apply a fiber and soil specific detergent, agitate the detergent into heavily soiled areas, rinse with a hot conditioning rinse, and then groom your carpet and set up fans for accelerated drying times. It can often take several hours for the carpet to dry after cleaning so these last steps are important to cut drying times down as much as possible.

Are their technicians IICRC certified?

The Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) is the most established and thorough certification course provider in the field of carpet and upholstery cleaning. IICRC certified technicians know the best practices on advancements made in carpet inspection, carpet cleaning, restoration, and installation.

Does this company use HEPA-filter vacuums?

HEPA-filter vacuums can better remove and filter out allergens, dust mites, and other harmful particulate that typical vacuums will leave behind. Using a strong commercial vacuum before the cleaning helps by removing much of the dirt and soil before applying any detergent.

Do they provide fiber testing?

Carpets can be made up of many different types of fibers which may require different treatments. Fiber testing helps assess which detergents or cleaning methods can safely and most effectively solve your carpet or upholstery cleaning problems for that type of fiber. We only use certified carpet cleaning solutions that don't contain harsh soaps or chemicals that are completely safe and non-toxic for your family and pets. A clean carpet means less allergens and bacteria are trapped inside with you, that results in a healthier home for you and your family.

Do they groom the carpet after the cleaning is done?

Grooming, or raking of your carpets is a crucial step immediately after the cleaning of most carpets. It not only helps to accelerate and promote even drying of your carpets, but it combs and fluffs the otherwise flattened fibers so that they dry in a position that

makes your carpets look like more like new.

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