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Commercial & Residential

We can power wash your deck, siding, gutters, garden pavers, driveway, sidewalks, fences, retaining walls, play equipment and more. No more mold, algae, insects, chalk, or dirt. Our Pressure washing methods can restore your outdoor surfaces to like-new condition.

Instead of just relying on pressure to remove the dirt, which can leave a lot behind. Dixon's Dirt Stoppers starts by treating surfaces with a detergent soak specific for that material and soil to eradicate dirt, mold spores, and bacteria. Then with pressure washing, we remove the soil from the surface completely. With pressure washers that have the capability of pressure washing at up to 4000 PSI our technicians can adjust the pressure to ensure the most effective and safest cleaning of any surface. Our high heat pressure washer can better remove grease and oil than cold water, further restoring your deck, driveway, concrete, fence or home to like-new condition.

Once cleaned and restored we can seal concrete or stone to retain that fresh clean look long after the pressure washing service is provided.


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